Flyy Widget


The Flyy Widget is a UI element that provides a ready-to-use entry point leading to the Flyy SDK's Primary Screens. Namely, the Offers Screen, Rewards Screen, and Wallet Screen. This widget allows various customizations to match your project's theme and style.


Adding the FlyyWidget requires loading a custom class on a UI view and then creating an outlet in the view controller to modify the FlyyWidget class's properties. The following steps demonstrate how to achieve this.

Step 1: Add UIView

The Flyy Widget is a Custom Class loaded onto a UIView.

Therefore, add a UIView object to your view.

Set the constraints of this view such that it can take up the full width of the view and set its height to 180.

Step 2: Load a Custom Class

Open the Identity Inspector and load the FlyyWidgetView class from the FlyyFrameWork module while keeping the newly added UIView selected.


Step 3: Create an Outlet

Create an outlet for this view in the UIViewController to be able to customize the Widget

class ViewController: UIViewController
    @IBOutlet weak var flyyWidget: FlyyWidgetView!
    override func viewDidLoad() {
        flyyWidget.containerBackgroundColor = "#ffffff"


Build the app and the TheFlyyWidget is now usable.



The widget can be customized to match the style and theme of your application. Refer to the table below to learn about all the properties that can be changed.


Customized Flyy Widget

FlyyWidget Properties

DescriptionAttributeExample Value
Container's background colorcontainerBackgroundColor"#ebebeb"
Button's background colorbuttonBackgroundColor"#ebebeb"
Button corner radiusbuttonCornerRadius"15"
Border width for the buttonsbuttonBorderWidth"2"
Border color for the buttonsbuttonBorderColor"#ffffff"
Icon background colorbuttonIconBackgroundColor"#ffffff"
Corner radius for the container around the iconiconCornerRadius"15"
Text color of the button titlesbuttonTitleTextcolor"#808080"
Font size of the button titlesbuttonTitleFontSize"14"
Title of the Offers buttonoffersButtonTitle"Deals"
Title of the Rewards buttonrewardsButtonTitle"Prizes"
Title of the Wallet buttonwalletButtonTitle"Coins"
Offers button iconoffersButtonIconURL""
Rewards button iconrewardsButtonIconURL""
Wallet button iconwalletButtonIconURL""