How Flyy Works

Flyy lets you create gamified challenges to motivate & improve users' in-app behavior. Add gaming mechanics like points, badges, levels, leaderboards, and scratch card rewards to any event & increase engagement.

Flyy integrates these gaming mechanics within your app with its Plug & Play SDK. Flyy lets you run and manage these gamified challenges from its Web Dashboard. These challenges are known as Campaigns.

Each campaign can be set up to reward users when they complete a certain task, for example, creating a new account, completing KYC, purchasing above a certain value, or completing a daily check-in. When a user completes a task, Flyy sends a reward to the user as a Scratch Card. This scratch card's reward type can be Cash or Virtual Currency.

The mobile apps connect with Flyy using one of Flyy's Mobile SDKs. The mobile SDKs provide a complete and polished user experience for viewing available offers, receiving scratch cards, playing games, viewing and withdrawing reward balances, etc. The mobile SDKs are Plug & Play and require only a few lines of code to get started. Besides the Mobile SDKs, Flyy's REST APIs allow your backend to securely communicate and perform actions with Flyy's Rewards System.

At the core of the rewards system are Events. Flyy's Rewards System keeps track of these Events, which are received for the user's actions, and determines their eligibility for receiving a reward. Whenever a user completes the desired task or a transaction, your backend sends an Event through an API call to Flyy. The Rewards System looks for Campaigns associated with this Event, checks eligibility, and delivers the reward to the user.

Getting Started

If you are a product manager, you can read more about the campaigns under each module.
Flyy offers gamified challenges which are categorized under 3 separate modules. They are Acquisition, Retention, and Engagement module.

If you are a developer, you can get started by setting up the SDK in your application. Flyy's Plug & Play SDK is available for all major platforms. You can find the link to the desired platform below.

What’s Next

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