Developer FAQ's

Q - What is the difference between setUser() and setNewUser() and when to call them?

A - You will have to call setNewUser() only when the user is signing up, i.e., a new user for your app, and that also only once. While setUser() should be called every time the user opens the app.

Q - Our SDK screens are not getting opened?

A - If your SDK screens are not getting opened, the reason might be one of the below:-

  1. You have not registered your app in the dashboard.
  2. The package name registered in the dashboard is different from the app's package name.
  3. setUser() has not been called properly.


  1. Open Flyyy dashboard. Go to Settings -> Connect SDK. Register your App.
  2. If you have registered with a different package name in the Flyy dashboard, use setPackageName() to set the package name as provided in the dashboard in your app.
  3. make sure the setUser() method is being called and that too with correct data.

Q - What is the sequence of initializing SDK?

A - Set package name --> Initialize SDK --> Set theme color --> Set new user or user --> And lastly, open your required screens.

Q - Why are we not receiving notifications?

A - 1. You have to put your FCM cloud messaging server key in Flyy Dashboard under Settings -> SDK Keys -> Legacy HTTP API and click save. This will enable us to send you notifications.
2. To start receiving notifications, we assume you have a firebase setup done in your app and have enabled all the settings in the firebase console to receive basic notifications.

Q - What should be the partner id and package name?

A - 1. You can get partner id from Flyy Dashboard under Settings -> SDK Keys -> Partner ID.
2. Packagename should be the same as what you have given in Flyy Dashboard while connecting our SDK. You can get the package name from Flyy Dashboard under Settings -> Connect SDK

Q - Unable to install the new pod version?

A - 1. Comment pod FlyyFramework pod and do pod install. This will remove the flyy pod from your project.
2. Do pod repo update.
3. Uncomment pod FlyyFramework and do pod install again to get the latest version of pod.

Q - '' sync error when sdk is included?

A - 1. We are using only the latest version of FirebaseMessaging dependency in our SDK.
2. We get the fcm token of the user automatically, and you do not have to fetch it for us.
3. If you see this deprecated warning, it seems you are using the old way of fetching fcm token, which has been deprecated now.
4. Please follow this to fetch fcm token and read about firebase instance-id deprecations -

Q - How to test referrals, and can we test referrals on the same device for multiple numbers?

A - 1. You can test referral by uploading your apk in alpha or beta version in your play store.
Note: Referral cannot be tested on the same device with multiple numbers.

Q - We did not receive scratch cards

A - 1. An offer should be live for you to receive scratch cards.
2. Limits are exhausted for the particular user.