Flyy Widget


Flyy Widget is an XML View that provides a ready-to-use entry point leading to the Flyy SDK's Primary Screens. Namely, the Offers Screen, Rewards Screen, and Wallet Screen. This widget allows various customizations to match your project's theme and style.


To integrate Flyy Widget in your project, place the below code in your XML layout and run the app.

    android:fitsSystemWindows="true" />

We recommend placing the Flyy Widget on your app's home screen for greater visibility and thus better engagement.


The widget can be customized to match the style and theme of your application. Refer to the table below to learn about all the properties that can be changed.


Customized Flyy Widget

FlyyWidget Attributes

DescriptionAttributeExample Value
Container's background colorapp:containerBackgroundColor"#ebebeb"
Button's background colorapp:buttonBackgroundColor"#ebebeb"
Button corner radiusapp:buttonCornerRadius"2dp"
Border width for the buttonsapp:buttonBorderWidth"2dp"
Border color for the buttonsapp:buttonBorderColor"#ffffff"
Icon background colorapp:buttonIconBackgroundColor"#ffffff"
Corner radius for the container around the iconapp:iconCornerRadius"2dp"
Text color of the button titlesapp:buttonTitleTextColor"#808080"
Font size of the button titlesapp:buttonTitleTextSize"14sp"
Title of the Offers buttonapp:offersButtonTitle"Deals"
Title of the Rewards buttonapp:rewardsButtonTitle"Prizes"
Title of the Wallet buttonapp:walletButtonTitle"Coins"
Offers button icon drawableapp:offersButtonIcon"@drawable/ic_deal"
Rewards button icon drawableapp:rewardsButtonIcon"@drawable/ic_gift_card"
Wallet button icon drawableapp:walletButtonIcon"@drawable/ic_gold_coin"